Prime Labels

Prime labels are high end merchandise labels manufactured on a variety of substrates, based on your products end use.

Types of Prime Labels

At Specialty, we’re prime label experts.  Whether you need labels for your food packaging, consumer goods or beverages – we have your labeling needs covered.  We make finding the right label easy and have a state-of-the-art graphic design team to bring your brand to life.    

Custom Shape

Die cut conforms to specific packaging for customer appeal and visual real estate of prepared foods. White screen printing on clear BOPP to give a soft transparent feel to the overall package.


Securing a container closed, as the label goes from front to back with product logo and name on the front, with additional information or nutritional details on the back – all within one label.


Contour cut to wrap the tub for the perfect fit. Clear BOPP material allows for visibility to the enclosed prepared food when stacked on display shelves.

Full Color

4 color process printing with custom spot colors. With capability of  up to 11 colors total plus a varnish.  We offer thermal receptive varnishes for imprinting “Sell By” and “Packed By” applications.

Wrap Around Labels

Custom elongated shape labels used to secure prepared food packaging.  While providing the correct amount of space needed for product descriptions and/or all regulatory guidelines.

Full Color on Clear BOPP

4 color process printing with custom spot colors backed with white opaque ink. Colors and product description pops off the packaging without jeopardizing the visibility of the packaging contents.

Heat Resistant Labels

Clear polyester labels that are safe for microwave use.  They also have a perforated gusset in the middle of the label for easy tear-away access.  

Beverage Labels

We offer a variety of custom shape beverage labels printed on Classic Laid stock. Featuring four color process printing with cold foil and tactile screen printing for added texture.

Prime Labels with a Purpose

Prime labels do more than just show the product name and logo.  They can also fill a need or serve a specific purpose to the overall pack and use, below are a few common examples.

Tamper Evident

Labels that help visibly identify if a product has been breached.

Reusable Sticker

Allow labels to be reused for closing items after their first use.


Allows for a clean break in the label, resulting in less damage to the package.


Labels to communicate product name, logo or description only.

Prime Label Trends


Clear BOPP labels help increase visibility of your product in the package with graphics and text displayed on a clear label – allowing for more visibility of the product.


Labels used for recipes, serving size, nutritional information, cooking suggestions, ingredients and naming standards.


Tactile labels are visually engaging for your customer, but also provide a texture and depth to the label when it is picked up off the shelf.

Industry Leading In-House Design Team

The design of your label is critical to your brand, since it’s what customers see first.  We have a team of designers on hand to help bring your label to life.  Whether you need assistance with a label concept or just pre-press help, we have you covered.

  • Concept to Completion – Our state-of-the-art design center can help bring your vision to reality on the shelf.   We will work with you to create a unique design to highlight your product and brand.
  • Pre-Press Experts – Already have a label design ready to go? We will ensure the label meets print specifications and that the proper substrate is selected for the end use. 

Prime Label Components

Label Face Stocks
Label Stock Icon

Choose the base of your label from our large inventory of paper, films, polyester, BOPP or vinyl.


Based on your products use, choose from permanent or removable, regular or specialty adhesives (i.e. temperature sensitive). 


Color is key!  Our prime labels can be produced with spot color or 4 color processes in an extensive variety of colors.


Choose from our gloss or matte coatings to meet your desired label appearance.


Tactile (raised texture on a label) or foil application give your labels an edge over the competition. 

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