High Quality, Eco-Friendly Linerless Labels

What are Linerless Labels?

Linerless labels are produced with no liner and a silicon top coat to ensure labels release from one another.  Removing the liner results in a lighter weight label construction, up to 50% more labels per roll for a similar weight and foot print, and multiple savings for the end user in an eco-friendly solution.


Specialty controls all aspects of the label production process, ensuring client specific needs are met.


Specialty’s Linerless Labels out-perform the competition and deliver superior performance for your application.

A linerless label can be produced with variable lengths, so the amount of label used to deliver the same information is reduced, resulting in: a better looking label that saves money and is much more environmentally responsible.

Our labels are designed for many industries.  Read more about what industries benefit the most from linerless labels here.

Why Linerless?

While many companies are switching to linerless for their environmental benefits, these labels are also helping companies overcome label supply chain shortages.

Due to the closing of paper mills and raw material shortages, many companies are facing challenges getting the labels they need, when they need them. Switching to linerless, allows companies to meet their labeling demands, while also making a positive impact on the environment.  Learn more here.

Types of Linerless


Permanent Linerless Labels offer maximum adhesion to their application surface resulting in tamper resistance and detection.


Repositionable Linerless Labels adhere to an application surface while also allowing the label to be moved. This enables labels to be used in food production workflows.


Up to 50% more labels per roll

Less time is spent reloading labels into printers

Easier, more efficient application of labels

Less space is needed to store labels

Shipping costs reduced up to 35-40%

Remove slippery liner, increasing workplace safety

Reduces waste since there is no liner to discard

CO₂ emissions are decreased by eliminating liner production

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Specialty's ClearEdge™ Solution

Specialty’s ClearEdge™ linerless ensure your labels run smoother in your printing hardware.


What Makes Linerless Eco-Friendly?

Saves an average of 400,000 tons of liner from going into land fills each year

35-40% reduction in shipping and transportation costs, saving truck loads of fuel

100's of trees saved per year by not producing liner

Growing Industry Use

The growth and need for linerless is more pronounced than ever before and changes in technology have made linerless labels an attainable solution for all industries.


A 2020 study projects that the linerless market will grow in size from $2.33 billion in 2019 to $3.41 billion by 2027*

*Source here.

Printing Options

Both scale and printer manufacturers have equipment designed specifically to meet the growing need to support linerless labels.

Let Specialty help find the equipment that is the best fit for you – download our list of scale and printer partners below.

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