Prime Labels

We can help you create the ideal prime labels for your products with our custom design, extensive label material options, and color management services.   At Specialty, we produce high-quality prime labels that truly represent your brand and products – improving your brand recognition and marketability.

Weigh Scale Labels

With most major scale types maintained in-house by our Quality Department, unique label applications can be tested to ensure proper performance at your location.  We offer Stock and Custom label options for your scales.

Our Stock Scale Labels are produced in standard pre-printed formats suitable for use by a specific scale model in a wide variety of end use applications.

Our Custom Labels includes artwork creation, customer proof approval, generation of printing plates, and the manufacture of labels

Thermal Labels

Whether you need a direct thermal, thermal transfer, vinyl, film, foil, gloss, or matte paper, you can depend on Specialty’s trained staff for all your custom label needs.

Our extensive knowledge of label printing applications, coupled with our rigorous quality control testing of labels, assures your label will consistently work in your unique application.

Medical Labels & Packaging

We have over 20 years experience in the medical labeling and packaging industry, ensuring that our products conform to industry standards.  Our extensive printing and converting capabilities, quality control procedures, and internal focus on Lean manufacturing concepts, allows us to streamline the process by offering a single support supplier with a exceptional level of quality, outstanding customer service, and cost savings.

Linerless Labels

Specialty’s linerless labels outperform the competition and deliver superior performance for your application. Specialty controls all aspects of the label production process, ensuring client specific needs are met.

Merchandising and Coupon Labels

Merchandising and Coupon Labels display a discount or special offer on a product, helping products sell more quickly when they may be nearing the end of their shelf life.

Pharmaceutical Labels

We use a unique top-coated, direct thermal paper for Pharmacy and other special Healthcare labels, specifically designed for daily exposure to soaps, hand sanitizers, and lotions. This means it has excellent durability with high-solvent resistance.  Additionally, it can be converted without the need for an overcoat varnish.

Nutraceutical Pouches

We offer a variety of flexible packaging options for your nutraceutical products, such as Liquid Supplements, Drink Mixes, Energy Bars, Supplement Tablets and Capsules, Dissolvable Strips, and Effervescent Tablets and Powders.

Printed Electronics

The possible applications for our printed electronics are endless, including innovative applications for Refrigeration Lighting, Backlit Displays, Automotive – Exterior & Interior, Dynamic Menu Displays, Circuit Boards, Residential Automation, and Industrial Lighting.

Printer Solutions

Pairing the right printing equipment to your labeling solution should not be left to chance.  Let Specialty use our decades of experience to help you find the right equipment to meet your labeling solution needs.

Warehouse Labels

We manufacture extremely durable warehouse rack and bin location labels.  Our materials have been tested and used in warehouse operations around the country.

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