Our Sustainable Labeling Commitment

Specialty is focused on sustainable labeling.  We are committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment by reducing waste wherever possible. We strive to minimize adverse impact on the air, water, and land through pollution prevention, paper recycling, and energy conservation.

In 2021, Specialty renewed our East Windsor, CT facility as a SGP sustainable printer.
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Recycling Program

In 2003, Specialty, Tri-Gen, and International Paper Products created the industries first recycling program for pressure sensitive label products.

With this program, over 85% of our waste is recycled and sent to a proprietary processing plant where it is turned into fuel bricks that are sold to energy companies as a fuel source.  After the fuel bricks are burned, the remaining ash is then recycled and sold to asphalt companies for use in paving our roads. This unique program is now viewed in our industry as a model for all large label manufacturers.

Lean Manufacturing

Specialty places a strong emphasis on Lean Manufacturing. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and have a comprehensive quality system, which satisfies the most stringent customer requirements.

  • Strategic Planning and Development

  • Business Complexity Rationalization

  • Lean Education and Awareness

  • Lean Operational Excellence

  • Customer Value Innovation

  • Continuous Improvement Kaizen Culture

  • Lean Supply Chain Partnerships

Industry Recognition

Specialty has been recognized by FTA since 2014 for our sustainable manufacturing practices.  FTA is the premier destination for flexography training, articles, events, and other resources.
Specialty started working with Leanovations in 2007 to ensure Lean manufacturing practices are in place.  Leanovations is a consulting firm specializing in teaching and coaching companies to compete worldwide with Lean to Green (L2G) operational excellence.
Specialty has been SGP certified since 2014.  SGP is the leading non-profit accreditation organization that promotes sustainability in printing practices and manufacturing operations.

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