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Specialty’s Linerless Labels Certified by GoDex

Specialty, a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels and related products, announces that our SLL401 4” linerless labels are now certified with GoDEX’s DT4L linerless label printer.

August 19, 2021 – Specialty, a leading manufacturer of linerless media and reseller of Label Printing devices, announces that our 4″ linerless labels are certified for use with GoDEX‘s DT4L desktop linerless label printer.

“Partnering with GoDEX to ensure the labels print efficiently with their DT4L linerless label printer, gives our customers an easy to implement labeling solution that requires minimal equipment maintenance,” said Mark Molter, VP of Technology at Specialty. 

Specialty’s 4” linerless labels provide maximum adhesion to their application, while ensuring that they do not stick to equipment.  Specialty’s linerless labels can be printed at variable lengths, saving money and benefiting the environment with less waste.

GoDEX’s DT4L linerless label printer is engineered with quality and reliable operation in mind. The DT4L is a direct thermal printer that features an eco-friendly, compact, easy-to-use design. With its specially designed built-in cutter to accommodate variable label sizes, this compact printer is ready to take on your new project. GoDEX’s linerless DT4L is great for printing retail, shipping labels, and postal services.

With no liner backing, Specialty’s linerless labels are easier to apply compared to traditional labels and provide up to 60% more labels per roll.  This means our customers save time and money, while implementing a sustainable labeling solution.

About Specialty
Since 1978, Specialty has been one of the most diversified manufacturers of pressure-sensitive labels and related products in the United States.   We provide complete certified printer and label solutions to meet todays growing labeling needs. Our labels, packaging, tags, printers, and electronic signs can be found in retail stores, grocery stores, hospitals and medical facilities, restaurants, distribution centers, post offices, and warehouses nationwide.  Family owned and operated from the very beginning.  Learn more at 

About GoDEX
Established in 1993, GoDEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry. Whether it is a desktop, industrial, or a mobile barcode printer, or its accessories, GoDEX leads the industry with the best value proposition and product quality. With offices in the US, Europe, and China, GoDEX products can be found in the retail, horticulture, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation logistics, and warehousing industries worldwide. Learn more at 

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